Kawerau Christmas Show 2023


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Maciek’s new album, AWA is Inspired by the three rivers that have formed anchors at differing times in his life, the unequaled beauty and nature of Aotearoa New Zealand and indigenous Maōri culture. AWA forms the soundtrack for sensual experiences of this Pacific Island.

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Kanikani Kiwi

Kanikani Kiwi single cover

This is a remix of the song from my album AWA. I had the funky tune in my head for a long time but never a good enough reason to finish it. After seeing a documentary about kiwi birds, it felt a perfect visual match of this lovely flightless, jumping, dancing bird to the odd staccato theme of the tune.

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Mr Ponsonby

Mr Ponsonby single cover

Mr Ponsonby shuffles along at a gently brisk pace with precise and fluid guitar lines, a delicate flourish of horns, a woozy solo that never overplays itself and smooth shifts in time signatures.” from Mike Alexander’s review on muzic.net.nz

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