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…a global jazz blues music label where the heart and soul of jazz and blues are creatively reimagined. Founded by Maciek Hrybowicz, our label is a hub for eclectic artists from across the globe. We celebrate musical innovation and heartfelt expressions, featuring the dynamic rhythms of New Zealand’s JT+Agnostics, the emotive vocals of England’s Carol Grimes, and the Eastern European influences of Maciek himself. Join us in a world where every note tells a story and every song bridges continents. Read more to discover the sounds and stories of MaciekMusic →

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Hello there! If you’ve got a tune to share, a question, or just some good old-fashioned feedback, I’m all ears. maciekmusic is my solo composition, but it’s the voices of artists, fans, and friends that create the melody. So, don’t be a stranger: reach out and let’s make our conversations as meaningful as the music.

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