Why Don’t They Dance

Released May 1, 1989

Carol Grimes

Produced by Maciek Hrybowicz for SOUND PARTNERS
Mixed by Maciek Hrybowicz and Steve Lodder

The Band:
Carol Grimes – Vocal, Percussion, Whistling
Steve Lodder – Keyboards
Maciek Hrybowicz – Guitar, Harmonica
Mike Bradley – Drums, Percussion
Mario Castronari – Double bass
Janette Mason – Keyboards
Pete Thomas – Baritone and tenor sax, alto flute
Angele Veltmeijer – Tenor sax
Jim Dvorak – Trumpet
Sianed Jones – Violin
Robert Baily – Cello

Ian Shaw; Frannie Kapelle; Violet Williams; Jan Ponsford; Sami El Salahi; Mary Fagan

Horns on Cool Fire by Breakfast brothers:
Paul Newman – Trombone
Noel Langley – Trumpet
Pete Whyman – Alto sax

Horn Arrangements:
Two Step – Steve Lodder
Cool Fire – Paul Nieman

Thanks to the following:
To Kasia and Sam with love, Mcasso Music Productions, Richard Novell Sound Services, Steve Latham and Chris Massey for their generous loans of equipment. Mike Connaris for a lot of encouragement. To all the trucks in Bethnal Green for the sound effects.

Recorded and mixed November 1988 – January 1989 at Sound Partners. Drum kit recorded at David Hunt’s studio.