Our Artists

  • JT+Agnostics


    JT+Agnostics is a standout band hailing from New Zealand’s Waikato region, led by the talented bassist and songwriter John Thomson. Alongside the skilled guitarist Maciek Hrybowicz, the duo has self-produced and recorded a distinctive selection of songs grounded in blues traditions. The lineup is completed by Bill Forrest, whose saxophone adds a layer of depth,…

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  • Carol Grimes

    Carol Grimes

    Carol Grimes, a British singer and songwriter born in 1944, began her career with the blues-influenced band Delivery in the late 1960s. After going solo, she released well-received albums like “Warm Blood” and found success in the 1980s with her band Eyes Wide Open. Throughout her career, Grimes explored various musical styles, from jazz and…

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  • Maciek Hrybowicz

    Maciek Hrybowicz

    Maciek is a New Zealand guitarist born in Poland. After spending much of his life in London, he moved to New Zealand, where he lives with his wife. He currently composes and records his own music, produces records for Kiwi artists, plays live music in and around Aotearoa, and has performed at several jazz and…

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