About Us

Welcome to maciekmusic

Maciek Hrybowicz founder of jazz and blues record label maciekmusic.com

Hello! I’m Maciek Hrybowicz, and this is maciekmusic – jazz and blues record label, my personal ode to the ever-evolving worlds of music. This is more than just a record label; it’s a collaborative space where artists like JT+Agnostics, Carol Grimes, and myself converge to push musical boundaries and explore new creative horizons.

Our Creative Family:

  • JT+Agnostics: True experimenters, their music is a fusion of unexpected sounds that challenge and captivate.
  • Carol Grimes: Carol brings depth and narrative to her music, her voice a conduit for raw emotion and intricate storytelling.
  • Maciek Hrybowicz: Through the strings of my guitar, I share my love for music, inviting you to find beauty in every note.

At maciekmusic, although we are essentially a jazz and blues record label, our passion for authenticity and innovation finds a perfect home on Bandcamp. This platform is renowned for being exceptionally musician-friendly, ensuring that artists retain a significant portion of their earnings. Bandcamp empowers us to manage our music directly and engage with you, our listeners, in a meaningful way. It supports high-quality formats and offers a fair trade model that respects both creator and consumer, making it an ideal partner for our music.

Our Global Sound

At maciekmusic, our roots spread across continents, reflecting a rich tapestry of global influences. JT+Agnostics bring the creative energy of New Zealand, infusing their music with a unique Pacific perspective. Carol Grimes adds the depth of English tradition, her voice echoing the rich cultural heritage of England. As for myself, originally from Poland, I carry with me the soulful melodies and poignant stories of Eastern Europe. Together, our diverse backgrounds not only enhance our music but also create a vibrant, global community of listeners and creators.

Explore and Connect

Discover our catalog on Bandcamp, where each purchase directly supports the artists. Dive into our latest releases, enjoy high-quality downloads, and join exclusive listening experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned jazz enthusiast or new to the genre, you’ll find something to inspire and excite you in our collection.

Join us at maciekmusic on this incredible journey through the soul of jazz and blues, supported by the best of Bandcamp. Let’s celebrate the creativity and community that music can foster.