Everytime I Walk Out The Door


Songs are like children – they need nurturing to grow up. I’m the antithesis of a fast writer – most of my songs have been a long time coming – e.g. the first version of Everytime was done in 1984. As a musician who plays the blues, it’s bounden on one to try and write a nice slow 12/8 blues. When Maciek and I worked on this song 37 years later, I asked him if he could de-“Stormy Mondayise” it.

The song is about a stage in all relationships after the honeymoon period is over and you’re having to sort out some serious stuff and one is having the “should I stay or should I go” mood, and when on walking out the door to relief or uncertainty, and when coming back will things still be the same, or better, or worse.


released August 5, 2022
Written by John Thomson and Maciek Hrybowicz.

John Thomson – vocals and bass
Kat Bayne – backing vocals
Maciek Hrybowicz – guitars and production
Bill Forrest – saxophone
Grant Mason – trumpet
Neil Reynolds – drums

Recorded at The Porch Recording Studio in Hamilton, engineered by Regan McKinnon