Written, performed and produced by Maciek Hrybowicz, a Polish guitarist living in New Zealand. Maciek was born, grew up and learned his trade in Krakow, Poland. He moved to London age 21 where he worked as a professional musician, composer and producer on several jazz, blues and experimental albums, as well as TV writing credits to his name. In 2014 he moved across the world to Hamilton, New Zealand where he now lives with his wife and writes, performs and produces albums for other artists as well as his own.

The compositions on the album reflect the strong influences in Maciek’s life. AWA, ‘river’ in Te Reo Maōri, was inspired by the three great rivers, that became natural anchors at differing times in Maciek’s life: Vistula, Thames and Waikato. The album developed out of the unequalled natural beauty of Aotearoa New Zealand and its indigenous Maōri culture.

A soundtrack for a film yet to be made, it portrays the awe and wonder of experiencing an utterly unfamiliar nature and culture, for the very first time.


Released January 12, 2019

AWA was created with the help of musicians from across the world: Aotearoa – New Zealand, Italy, Poland, UK, Uruguay and USA:

• Maciek Hrybowicz – electric and acoustic guitars, programming 
• Caylen Crawford – arrangements, keyboards, electric bass on Fantalia & Blindside Flank, electric guitar on Pahiatua
• Noel Kaa Reid – percussion
• Alberto Santarelli – double bass
• Andrew Hewat – drums
• Grant Mason – trumpet and flugelhorn
• Andrew Blake – soprano & baritone sax, flute on Fantalia
• Artur Dutkiewicz – piano on Blindside Flank
• Elizabeth Gray – voice and kōauau on Mink Hollow, pūkāea on Kāwhia Hot Water, also Karanga (female call) on Kāwhia Hot Water
• Rob Hughes – soprano & tenor sax on Gdańsk
• Carlos Pla – electric bass on Kanikani Kiwi
• Hinemoa Pohatu – voice on Gdańsk
• Te Aturangi Stewart – Karakia (chant) on Kāwhia Hot Water, voice on Mink Hollow
All compositions by Maciek Hrybowicz, except Fantalia by Maciek Hrybowicz and Andrew Blake. All compositions copyright control.

Karanga by Elizabeth Gray and Te Aturangi Stewart; Karakia by Te Aturangi Stewart

Produced by Maciek Hrybowicz

Recorded at The Porch Recording Studio in Hamilton, Aoteaora
Engineered by Regan John McKinnon

Cover artwork Sensualité au Végétal 1999 oil on canvas by Bogdan Korczowski
Album cover by Daniela Catucci / Photography by Mark Hamilton

Copyright ©2019 Maciek Hrybowicz