JT+Agnostics is a standout band hailing from New Zealand’s Waikato region, led by the talented bassist and songwriter John Thomson. Alongside the skilled guitarist Maciek Hrybowicz, the duo has self-produced and recorded a distinctive selection of songs grounded in blues traditions. The lineup is completed by Bill Forrest, whose saxophone adds a layer of depth, Ben Gilgen on the vibrant keyboards, and the dynamic Mickey Ututaonga on drums. The group often expands to include the enchanting vocals of Holly Shepheard and the rhythmic talents of drummers Neil Reynolds, Freddy Limbert, and Vernon.

Why JT+Agnostics?

In New Zealand, there’s a prevailing notion of what constitutes ‘authentic’ blues. Originating in the USA, the blues genre has evolved globally, adopting diverse influences and styles. We proudly present our take on this musical tradition — JT+Agnostics call their version kiwicana blues – blues you CAN believe!