Maciek Hrybowicz

Maciek is an accomplished guitarist from Poland who has made his home in New Zealand after an extensive career in London. Now residing in Aotearoa with his wife, Maciek is actively involved in the music scene, composing and recording his own music, producing records for local artists, and performing live across the country. He has graced many stages at jazz and blues festivals, capturing audiences with his skill.

Maciek’s artistry was notably highlighted during his performance at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, where Sam Edwards of the Waikato Times praised him for delivering a “virtuoso and musically informed lesson in guitar.” In 2020, Mike Alexander of commended Maciek’s subtle yet expressive technique, particularly on his single “Mr Ponsonby,” which features “precise and fluid guitar lines” and a “woozy solo that never overplays itself, with smooth shifts in time signatures.”

His solo album, “AWA,” is deeply inspired by the stunning landscapes and rich Māori culture of his adopted home. This album promises to transport listeners, offering a sonic embodiment of New Zealand itself.

Maciek’s musical journey began with the iconic sounds of the “British Invasion.” It was the electrifying tracks of Jimi Hendrix that spurred his initial passion for the guitar. Over the years, legends like Miles Davis and numerous electric jazz icons fueled his creative evolution. Today, Maciek continues to explore the roots of blues and jazz while embracing diverse global music influences.