Steve O’Donell

I’d been looking for a new teacher for sometime now as I have felt stuck or plateau’d and had found it difficult to find one that not only was a great player and versatile, but was also a good communicator and able to translate actions on the fretboard into understandable parts and push me to new levels; I found myself stuck in a musical rut and needed a boost to move on and after meeting with Maciek the first time, I felt I had found that teacher.

He is able to strip back concepts into workable practices and understandings that have really opened up the fretboard and musical applications of harmony and such to take it to the next level of playing.

I’ve already started to gain a much better understanding of the guitar up the fretboard and how to think more musically instead of just in forms and templates.

Maciek is very easy to communicate with and almost immediately understands where you are at as a player and where and what you need next to progress; as well as being an awesome guitarist, he has a casual and calm manner of helping other players to move forward, plus he knows how to challenge you as a guitar player so that you grow!!