Nicky Moran – Itinerant Gospel musician

I wanted to learn to play electric guitar from a person who I had seen masterfully playing in a band, to gain inspiration and technique from someone already doing it. I understood some music theory but lacked know-how to put the puzzle together eg. of adding flavour, interest, lead breaks and harmony parts to songs, rather than just the rhythm chords. Learning new chord patterns and scales were really helpful, improved hand positioning with good technique was demonstrated in such a way I could grasp and retain them. (No more tennis elbow)

Maciek interviewed me to gain an understanding of what I wanted and needed to achieve and filled in my musical gaps, with a detailed and helpful lesson plan and follow up notes each lesson, and access to feedback by email if I had questions I couldn’t figure out.

I have quickly learned how to play beautiful chords and make improvised licks that just sound amazing and I am able to improve my song writing and recording strategies. He has also helped me use my guitar pedal board and helped me configure my sound set up.

Maciek listens to what the student is needing and wanting and steers them towards the place of being a capable musician. He can communicate in such a way that you feel okay about yourself in the learning phase, can reach higher than you thought and makes dreams achievable. He is also enthusiastic and very patient. So put in the work and play your heart out!