Andrew Hewat

Music is my passion and it is what I studied at university, completing my BMus majoring in Jazz Performance in 2012.

I have been playing drums for over 15 years but have always had an interest and desire to learn guitar. Having a degree in music and also having a presence within the local music scene, I sought to find myself a tutor who had the theoretical knowledge and performing ability to a level I could trust and benefit from most. Seeing Maciek’s versatility as a player and level of musicianship as well as recommendations from other musicians convinced me to begin lessons with him earlier this year. Maciek has a tailored approach to teaching and diagnosed within the first two lessons the areas I needed to work on to improve my playing ability and musicianship. Already this year I have learnt new chord voicings, methods and techniques to move freely up/down and across the fretboard and currently, we are working on how to solo and express musical ideas. I would highly recommend Maciek as a tutor for any guitarist, at any level of ability.