Kemper Profiler with Yamaha DBR10 live – does it work?

Yamaha DBR10 speaker

Yamaha DBR10 powered PA speakers front viewEarly in 2016 I bought a pair of Yamaha DBR10 powered speakers to monitor my Kemper Profiler. I bought my it in the summer of 2013 and for the first 2 years I used it exclusively in my home studio. Then with the advent of my band Banda de la Casa it made a real sense to use the Profiler live. I wanted to have my amazing Kemper effects, honed to perfection in the studio, available live. I also wanted to be able to drastically change the sound of my guitar mid-song. From clean, mellow, dynamic tone I use most of the time, via the rich, smooth distortion to crystal clean, compressed rhythm. My Kemper was the answer. But how do I amplify my Kemper Profiler?

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