So Wait

So Wait JT+Agnostics single cover artwork

Another tune from this quirky Waikato band breezes through a four verse biographical tale which gives a hint of Tex Mex rhythms to accompany the catchy sax lines as the crafty lyrics lay out the story from initial hesitancy of attraction to domestic reality.

Everytime I Walk Out The Door

Everytime I Walk Out The Door JT+Agnostic single cover artwork

The song is about a stage in all relationships after the honeymoon period is over and you’re having to sort out some serious stuff and one is having the “should I stay or should I go” mood, and when on walking out the door to relief or uncertainty, and when coming back will things still be the same, or better, or worse.

One & One

One & One JT+Agnostics single cover artwork

This song has had a long period in recording gestation – we tossed this around over the ether during the first lockdown and then the original rhythm tracks were put down in Aug 2020 in that glorious pre Omnicrom period, the horns and bv’s in early 2021 – then lockdown 2 made us think about delaying so that we could support it with live performance.



JT+Agnostics is a standout band hailing from New Zealand’s Waikato region, led by the talented bassist and songwriter John Thomson. Alongside the skilled guitarist Maciek Hrybowicz, the duo has self-produced and recorded a distinctive selection of songs grounded in blues traditions. The lineup is completed by Bill Forrest, whose saxophone adds a layer of depth, … Read more