Joni Mitchell’s A Case Of You

I think this is simply the best love song ever written – Joni Mitchell is a genius! This is a simple instrumental edition with a looper. I couldn’t possibly sing this song, so I’m attempting to “sing” it on the guitar.

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From Wikipedia:

Joni Mitchell Blue coverJoni Mitchell wrote “A Case of You” in or before 1970. She performed the song at the Amchitka Greenpeace benefit concert in October 1970. She recorded the song in 1971, and it was released on the 1971 album Blue with Mitchell playing Appalachian dulcimer, accompanied by James Taylor on acoustic guitar. Joni Mitchell’s earliest public performances of “A Case of You” contain six lines that had changed by the time Blue was recorded. Some of these nautical-flavored lines are: “Just before our ship got lost”; “‘You’re silly as a northern fish,’ says I”; and “I drew a map of Canada and charted our last squall.” The line “I am as constant as a northern star” is an allusion to Caesar’s “I am as constant as the Northern Star” from the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar. Mitchell later re-recorded the song for her live album Miles of Aisles (1974), as well as her orchestral album Both Sides Now (2000).

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