Guthrie Trapp – Telecaster player supreme

I am a Strat player, Amen! I have other guitars, but Strats fit my body (read: man-boob) perfectly, sound exactly right and I understand how to set them up and make them sound how I like it. The whammy bar sits under my palm all the time, so whenever I pickup and non-whammy guitar, it takes me some time to lose the involuntary reflex to find the bar! However, I would really like to play a Telecaster. I love its simplicity, balance and the tone, but the slab body feels as comfortable as wearing a t shirt made out of plywood! Crucially, there is no whammy bar! So it gives me a great pleasure to hear an amazing player to re-ignite my desire to play a Tele and learn to live with all the bits I miss. Here is Guthrie Trapp. He may not be a household name yet, but he has worked with Garth Brooks, Allison Kraus, Lyle Lovett and others. And not just country either: Mike Mills of R.E.M. or Phish‘s Mike Gordon. Crucially he writes his own tunes and gigs with a power trio. I reallyb enjoy his fusion of country sound, blues and jazz licks with rock-inspired riffs. Have a look, what do you think?

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