Why Don’t They Dance

Why Don't They Dance Carol Grimes album cover

Carol Grimes’ album “Why Don’t They Dance,” released in 1989, is a genre-bending record that defies easy categorization. While the album’s title track and some others lean towards blues rock, it also incorporates elements of pop, funk, and even disco. Released on the La Cooka Ratcha label, the album features a mix of original songs and covers, showcasing Grimes’ powerful vocals and diverse musical influences. “Why Don’t They Dance” remains an interesting exploration of sound from this under-the-radar artist.

Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open Carol Grimes album cover

Released in 1986, Carol Grimes’ “Eyes Wide Open” established her as a versatile artist. Blending rock and blues with influences of pop, folk, and even country, the album showcases her dynamic vocals. Produced by Alastair Gavin with a co-production credit for Maciek Hrybowicz on the opening track, “Eyes Wide Open” features a full band sound with additional musicians like The Kick Horns bringing depth and energy to the arrangements. While information on chart performance or critical reception is limited, “Eyes Wide Open” offers a strong introduction to Grimes’ musical style and songwriting talents.


AWA Maciek Hrybowicz album cover

A soundtrack for a film yet to be made, it portrays the awe and wonder of experiencing an utterly unfamiliar nature and culture, for the very first time.