Maciek, electric guitarist

Maciek is an electric guitarist from London, who recently moved to New Zealand where he lives with his wife. He currently plays live music in and around Hamilton and has performed at several jazz and blues music festivals in the very short time since his arrival here. His performance at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival led to this quote from Sam Edwards of Waikato Times (23rd Feb 2015):

“…delivering a virtuoso and musically informed lesson in guitar

Maciek’s early influence was the “British Invasion” pop music which he first heard on Radio Luxembourg, since it was virtually impossible to get the original records in his birthplace communist Poland. Then he heard Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix, which provided instant motivation to learn the guitar. Later, Miles Davis and the plethora of electric jazz stars like Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, Return To Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra etc. contributed further highs of musical inspiration. More recently, Maciek has been delving into earlier era of blues and jazz as well as listening to various musics from around the Globe.

Inspired by living in the Southern Hemisphere, Maciek is also composing tunes for the, not-yet-recorded, NZ-influenced first solo album.

Nivara Lounge solo gig 10 April 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my solo gig at the Nivara Lounge in Hamilton and, most importantly, seeing my friends who came to support me – thank you all!  This was my first live outing of the Kemper Profiling Amplifier and the results are encouraging. I think I will really enjoy taking my produced studio sound to live venues. In case you don’t know, Nivara Lounge is a vibrant, atmospheric music club catering to all sorts of musical tastes ranging from very loud punk, rock and dance to quieter jazz, folk and world music – all of it interesting and often experimental. Here is a video clip from the performance and some photos. The tune is Cissy Strut (The Meters), but I am using chord changes devised by John Scofield.


Guthrie Trapp – Telecaster player supreme

I am a Strat player, Amen! I have other guitars, but Strats fit my body (read: man-boob) perfectly, sound exactly right and I understand how to set them up and make them sound how I like it. The whammy bar sits under my palm all the time, so whenever I pickup and non-whammy guitar, it takes me some time to lose the involuntary reflex to find the bar! However, I would really like to play a Telecaster. I love its simplicity, balance and the tone, but the slab body feels as comfortable as wearing a t shirt made out of plywood! Crucially, there is no whammy bar! So it gives me a great pleasure to hear an amazing player to re-ignite my desire to play a Tele and learn to live with all the bits I miss. Here is Guthrie Trapp. He may not be a household name yet, but he has worked with Garth Brooks, Allison Kraus, Lyle Lovett and others. And not just country either: Mike Mills of R.E.M. or Phish‘s Mike Gordon. Crucially he writes his own tunes and gigs with a power trio. I reallyb enjoy his fusion of country sound, blues and jazz licks with rock-inspired riffs. Have a look, what do you think?

Okoroire Blues Event, 28 Feb 2015

At the Hamilton Blues Society Okoroire Blues Event. Fantastic atmosphere, great music and delicious hot weather.

Miles Davis’ So What

A quick rendition of Miles Davis’ classic So What, I simply wanted to highlight the nice tone of the Ibanez guitar.

Sound Partners Quartet, London 1st May 2014

Tiny packed jazz club Café in London’s Forest Gate. Alison Rayner bass, Marc Pell drums, John Bennett trombone.

Joni Mitchell’s A Case Of You

I think this is simply the best love song ever written – Joni Mitchell is a genius! This is a simple instrumental edition with a looper.

Geargia on My Mind

Georgia In My Mind, written by Hoagy Carmichael with a more modern groove.

Herbie Hancock’s Cantaloupe Island

This is my attempt at Herbie Hancock’s Cantaloupe Island, on a Godin ACS-SA nylon strung guitar.

With John Bennett Band

I’m playing here with John Bennett Band. John is a fantastic trombonist and a composer, and it was a real privilege to be working with him for close to 20 years. First, My Funny Valentine a Rodgers and Hart tune, recorded at the BBC Maida Vale Studios in London at the beginning of 2011; Barbar on vocals. Next, Sand Song a John Bennett composition, recorded on the same session.